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Jerusalem Cross Pendant: Tradition and Fashion in Jewelry

The Jerusalem cross pendant is fast becoming a hot jewelry item. There are now many retailers, both in online and brick and mortar stores, who are finding it hard to keep up with the market demand for these religious-cum-fashion items.

Hundreds of years of Christian tradition is encapsulated in a Jerusalem cross pendant. The origin of the Jerusalem cross harks back to the time of the Crusades, during the time of the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem. This design is also called the Crusader because of this particular history.

Most variations of the Jerusalem cross pendant feature a large Greek cross (a symmetrical cross different from the top-heavy Latin ones) in the middle, which is attended by four smaller crosses on each quadrant of the middle one. The essential thing in the design of the Crusader of Jerusalem cross is that all styles of the main part and the crosslets are the same.

Historical notes suggest that it was the Crusader ruler Godfrey de Bouillon who first used this symbol. The main cross is thought to depict Christ himself. Or it could also symbolize Jerusalem, which is considered as the religious center of the world. Meanwhile, the crosses symbolize the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Alternatively, the smaller parts also signify the four corners of the world, or by extension, to epitomize the preaching of the Gospels to the four corners of the earth.

Jerusalem cross pendant: religion as fashion

Ever since the founding of Christianity, religious icons have been used by the faithful for jewelry and personal adornment. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all Christian symbols is the cross, used in jewelry pieces such as pendants and earrings.

The Jerusalem cross pendant, a favorite even among non-Christians because of its beauty, also speaks a loud statement of faith aside from the meanings above. Taken together, the five pieces of the pendant also depict the five wounds that Jesus Christ suffered on the cross.

But the Jerusalem cross pendant is not just an object rich in Christian symbology. As jewelers have noted, this design is becoming a popular trend. There are now many online sellers that over various jewelry pieces featuring the original Crusader.

Perhaps the most intriguing jewelry piece to come out of this trend is the stone pendant that is engraved with the Jerusalem cross. Pendant design is made by etching pure gold on the face of precious stones. New techniques in etching have made it possible to imprint fine text (in gold, no less) on the surface of the stone; some of these pendants are imprinted with passages from the Gospel. The design, especially the text, is so fine that some details cannot be seen by the naked eye. Since the print is etched in high resolution, it is possible to view the design under a magnifying glass without losing the intricacy.